How we work

The results are important , but not less than a working process and the tools, which we use. Creating gardens and landscape is a work, that derives from many qualities: methods, fantasy, care for details and patience as well. According to a proven method, the joint of the infinite amount of variables makes every realization unique. It is a long process and system that can be synthetized into 7 actions.

Site inspection

Understand the place, listen to the client, collect the data. A good new project always starts with careful studying of each element.


To compare fixed ideas and aims. The project is developed as well through the schemes, that represent functions, possible potentiality or its constraints.


Insights, verifications, ideas and details, which came from the simple signs and were found important.


The images, that accompany the story of how will the project be achieved, anticipating the emotional climate.


The clarity of the drawing simplify the understanding of the content of the project and the research of every single detail.

Construction site

There is a long way from the drawings to the realization. Every construction place is always a new experience.


The care and maintenance are integral part of the project and indicate the best development of the new place to live.

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