Our line of business
  • Landscape Analysis

  • Feasibility studies

AG&P brochure analisi verifiche ambientali

  • Photographic surveys

  • Transcriptions of outdoor spaces

  • Botanical Surveys

Projects details
  • Technical reports and descriptions

  • Specifications of works

  • Schedule of works

  • Maintenance Plans

  • Management Programs

  • Organization of companies and suppliers

  • Collecting quotes

  • Evaluation and comparison of tenders

Works management
  • Control of the works

  • Artistic direction of work

  • Assistance at testing of works

  • Bill of quantities

  • Contracts and accounting jobs

Graphics and Image
  • Illustrations and photosimulations

  • Render e modelling

  • Preparation of promotional material

Expert advices
  • Agronomic

  • Geological

  • Pedological

  • Botanical

  • Forestry

  • Phytosanitary

  • Urban

  • Engineering

  • Plant

For information or requests please do not hesitate to contact us.

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