Health city

In order to deserve the definition of therapeutic gardens, the hospitals and other health facilities, must specifically aim to improve the health of patients. They also have to address to the physical and mental refreshment of the families of patients and to the staff of health facilities. Therapeutic gardens are able to perform this task because human beings are naturally predisposed to identify the most engaging and relaxing elements in Nature: these gardens can also be designed to promote activities for patients. The easy access for patients, families and staff gives them the opportunity to meet here and do activities together. These gardens offer a break from the hospital environment and a variety of spaces that can be chosen, from private to open spaces, from sunny to shady, etc.
The most important feature of a therapeutic garden is the vegetation and the true nature; no structure will ever offer the same benefits for healing as nature, sun, silence.


Project details

Place Sesto San Giovanni (MI) - IT
Year 2014
Sup. m² 190.000
Landscape Design AG&P greenscape
Team Dante O.Benini & Partners Architect
Manens-Tifs S.p.a