Crédit Agricole Green Life

The realization of Crédit Agricole Green Life – Arboretum Park in Parma emerged as an opportunity to create a brand new, and diffused green system of high environmental and landscape value, rich in contents and possibilities of use by all employees. The new park represents a reference point for all of them and their families, where socialization, relax, sport activities and environmental awareness take place, where nature as a fundamental component of business welfare is interpreted in an original way.
More than 500 trees, thousands of shrubs and ornamental plants create a green core of more than 70.000 sqm, comparable to the most significant urban parks as far as dimensions, biomass and biodiversity are concerned. Landscape design transposes innovative and environmentally sustainable criteria, adopted during the entire complex design project, which has been curated by Frigerio Design Group.
The park complex, that embraces the buildings, is characterized by different areas: the Flower Garden, The Green Theater, The Poplar Alley and the vast Arboretum. All of these have an ideal and natural beginning: the Plaza, an element key of the project. The Plaza is the principal entrance gate that connects previous buildings with the newly constructed buildings and the park. In the future, various initiatives that engage citizens will be activated, reinforcing the social impact and image of the project. Such as educational activities for children and adults, linked to the great botanical richness of the park.
didattici per adulti e bambini legati ai temi botanici.

Project details

Place Parma
Year 2017 - 2019
Sup. m² 70.000 ca.
Client Crédit Agricole Italia
Phase project / A.D.
Landscape Design AG&P greenscape
Landscape Team
Architecture Frigerio Design Group
Team Riva Giardini,Siteco srl, Policreo, Politecnica
Photo © Mariagiusi Troisi e Emanuele Bortolotti
Render ©