P.I.I. Segrate Centro

The green areas provided by the P.I.I. “Segrate Centro” constitute -by extension and territorial location- an important opportunity to enhance the inhabited nucleus of Segrate. Through these areas it is possible to connect with the future park and at the same time provide new and vast green areas. The future residential area will be strongly attracted by two elements: the park to the west and the town to the east. These interests will be supported by a network of alternative routes to the vehicle flow. The network will be integrated with the other existing tracks for the center of Segrate, in order to allow access to the entire population of Segrate. The character of the small green areas created within the urban fabric mainly seeks decorative purposes, while maintaining substantial characteristics of rusticity of the vegetation and compositional simplicity.


Project details

Place Segrate (MI) - IT
Year 2007 - 2009
Sup. m² 120.000
Phase project / W.D.