With over thirty years of experience, AG&P greenscape is a multidisciplinary landscape laboratory working in the areas of master planning, public space and garden design.

AG&P greenscape works in the sphere of landscape architecture, and in particular the sectors of master planning, public space and garden design, tackling projects on every scale with the same degree of attention and dedication.

The studio has always adopted a point of view that aims to break down the barriers between landscape, architecture, technology, culture and ecology, in the belief that quality of the built and natural environment can only be attained through a rigorous and thorough process of research, design and realization.

This multidisciplinary and multiscalar approach has been characteristic of our work over the years, allowing us to always keep up to date and to be able to integrate the challenges which the contemporary city and the landscape have set us into the processes of planning.

From research to constant and in-depth study of the natural and built landscape, AG&P greenscape applies its resources not just to the exploration of innovative solutions, but also to developing pioneering methods and means, integrating its own work with projects of research and innovation at the level of both technology (BIM and drones) and methodology, as with our AG&P workshop projects in which we collaborate with organizations and professional figures outside the studio.

«I’ve planted thousands of trees.

I’ve dreamed that they’re all happy.»​

Paolo Villa – Founder of AG&P greenscape