AG&P  Workshop was created to expand the testing and research of the Firm AG & P, participation in competitions, projects without committed and proposals in general. The working group will utilize the facilities of Studio AG & P and the voluntary involvement of university professors, colleagues, artists, interns, young professionals (architects, agronomists, landscape architects, environmental engineers, designers, etc.). Participants in the initiative are covered by a professional contract showing the conditions and the performance mode. In case of allocation of a premium or a refund, there will be a breakdown of the amount to the participants of the specific initiative, in a predetermined way from the contract.
Possible design assignment will go to the parent company (Studio AG & P) and the participants in the group AG & P Workshop will be involved in the development of related parties. AG & P Workshop is an opportunity to work on concrete themes of landscape and at all scales, with professionals highly experienced and young fans. The themes may be proposed by any person and will be evaluated by the working group.

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