Paesaggio diffuso


Title Paesaggio diffuso
Subtitle L'esperienza di un nuovo quartiere a Segrate
Authors Paolo Palmulli e Paolo Villa
Year and Publisher 2013 - Electa
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The images of this book document the result of years of work inspired by the concept of Widespread Landscape, which means creating hospitable places to live well in the green, but also on sidewalks, in parking lots and in all urban areas. The result is Segrate’s new “CentrOparco” neighborhood, where an apparent normality becomes excellence. Accurate planning and an integrated project are essential to achieving these goals, which can deliver effective and timely responses. The minute fabric is a new heritage of the city, a wealth open to everyone. It shows the obvious benefits of living in a city that is measured on the daily needs of thousands of people and where the urban landscape spaces become attractive, useful and functional.