Storie di Giardini


Title Storie di Giardini
Subtitle Lago Maggiore
Authors Paolo Villa
Year and Publisher 2020 - Rizzoli
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There are special places, where attention and beauty are particularly concentrated, that are destined to leave a mark on history. One of them is Lake Maggiore. These places are often linked with gardens that represent, in small and well-tended spaces, collective experiences of know-how, practices and manual skills laid down over centuries of history, through daily contact with the materials and the earth. Many small interventions can be more representative than a major work.

Storie di Giardini (“Stories of Gardens”) brings together some of these interventions carried out by Paolo Villa on Lake Maggiore.

The book is an idea that Paolo had been toying with for some time prior to his premature death.

His partner Emanuele Bortolotti and the team at the studio he founded thirty years ago, AG&P greenscape, have decided to fulfil his desire, with the aid of a substantial contribution from Zacchera Hotels.

In the pages of the volume are gathered the essence and richness of Paolo’s work, through the illustration of a series of projects of which he was particularly proud.

The works documented in this book reveal with clarity the methodology, the depth of study and the formal richness of his designs, which have made it possible to enhance and transform the gardens of the Zacchera Hotels group and several private gardens belonging to the same family.

Along with texts and photographs, there are drawings from his beloved notebooks that show just how much passion, creativity and know-how Paolo Villa put into his designs.

Nature and landscape are two very different things, he used to say. He tamed one by gentle means in order to shape the other, in that balanced relationship of mutual respect and exchange of resources which today, more than ever, humanity needs to have with the environment that surrounds it.