A Green Oasis Above the Garage

The creation of a series of boxes becomes an opportunity to create a hanging garden in the city center. Two verandas connected to the apartment, a small square / patio between them in the shade of a centuries-old mulberry tree and a large lawn characterize the center of the space.

At the end of the lawn, centered on the entrance of the garden, there is a play of water connected to a mini-pool / whirlpool and flanked by a small teak island surrounded by water, an ideal shelter from the sun and the prying eyes of the surrounding buildings. The privacy of the garden is however assured by a perimeter curtain of giant bamboo isolated in a special tub. The underlying blind wall is covered by the colorful vine of Canada.


Project details

Place Milano - IT
Year 2002
Sup. m² 550
Phase project / A.D.
Photo © Aurora Di Girolamo