Community Gardens

The Local Energy Company, owner of the area, launchs a project to replace abusive vegetable gardens with new community gardens where citizens can socialize. The lot is a tiny piece of surviving campaign, destined from the municipality to host green areas and car parks, but it degenerated into an abusive occupation of urban gardens. Italia Nostra coordinated the initiative, complicated by the presence of difference in altitudes, high voltage trellises, a pedestrian crossing and a high number of aspirant gardeners , about 90. The gardens are divided into four groups. A fifth zone is intended to be a public garden with a pond and a rest areas. It also defends the vegetable gardens from traffic and pollution. The water supply system is the main resource for gardeners and it uses fully manual systems. The lake is a reservoir of water fed by a small stream of irrigation. A manual shutter drains water to the main channel of the system. From there the water is distributed to the wells, from which draw the manual pumps.



Project details

Place Milano - IT
Year 1993
Sup. m² 6.500
Phase project / A.D.