Invasions in the Office

For the renovation of a three-floor office building, the company’s willingness to create luminous work environments characterized by the massive presence of indoor greenery has been radically reinterpreted with a new proposal: not containers with apartment plants but the emptying of two floors in the center of the building in order to create a real double-height garden / patio. A perceptible green heart, a highly suggestive scenic resource overlooked by most of the offices, which becomes a quiet break in the green. The presence of the structural trusses of the building served as a support to a series of planters built to accommodate green waterfalls and to stretch a large number of thin steel cables along which to envelop climbing plants of various kinds. On the lower floor a large space with seating in the middle of an almost tropical setting.


Project details

Place Milano - IT
Year 2009
Sup. m² 40
Phase project / A.D.
Photo © Aurora Di Girolamo