Kindergarden in Dolzago

The kindergarten is the place where the child enters into a relationship with the world and the society, the first moment of community life outside the family, a laboratory in which he can find the tools to listen, to understand and develop his individuality in a balanced path of growth,
learning and experimentation. The project is born through the creation of a barycentric space of the building, a metaphor of the “plaza”, that is the place of aggregation of public life, point of arrival and departure, hinge and theater of the main functions. It is the normal continuation of what is practiced inside the school, where the child continues his growth throughout the year and where the activities in contact with nature are allowed: the track of tricycles, the race, the hole of the earth, the cultivation of plants, the care of animals.


Project details

Place Dolzago - IT
Year 2013
Landscape Design AG&P greenscape
Architecture Studio EM+