Mariagiusi Troisi

Environmental architect

Born in Trieste in 1990, after classical studies, she achieves a degree in Environmental Architecture with the thesis The importance of travel in the architectural research, at the Politecnico of Milano supervised by the famous architectural historian Marco Biraghi. She takes part in artistic and photographic events, succeeding on being a performer in the work The Death of The Marxism by the polish artist Goshka Macuga (MIART2013). She attends various courses and workshops, like Metropolitan Photography (NABA), Photorealistic rendering & Arrangement of green areas (Videosoundlab), Audiovisual Installation Design (Otolab) seen during Festival VideoSoundArt at the Milan Science and Technology Museum in 2015. In 2016 she wins the third edition of the photographical contest “Electric Women – Light Nourishment Energy” promoted by the national association of women journalists GiULiA. Since 2015 she cooperate with AG&P studio, working on different-size projects, from urbanistic masterplan to smaller private projects. She’s part of the Work Direction of Biblioteca degli Alberi (2017-18), the new urban park in Milan-Porta Nuova, as site inspector of plant engineering. Free lancer, she performs different works in different branches, like drawing, photography and jewelery design.

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