Parco della Torre

In direct contact with the university district and a very important commercial / recreational area, this park is realized as a real plaza in the Bicocca district: a meeting point for generations and activities. An open park, with the propensity to accept specific dialogues with structures and accessories that can demonstrate flexibility and ability to adapt to the most varied stresses, just think of the skatepark thought inside of it.


Project Details

Luogo Milano Bicocca - IT
Anno Realizzazione 2017-2018
Sup. m² 20.000
Fase project / D.A.
Team Project Managment: Prelios Integra - Collaboratori AG&P greenscape: Ing.Edoardo Tinacci, Studio EM+, BMB ingegneria S.r.l. - Imprese esecutrici opere a verde: Euroambiente s.r.l. , HW Style s.r.l
Render © studioDIM associati
Giuseppe Verga
Client LAMBDA S.r.l.
Works amount € 1.950.000


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