Clipping of Peace Among the City

One of the many high and narrow single-family houses -that characterized some neighborhoods in the city- has been renovated and with it the area at its back, lowered and distinguished by what was left of a pre-existing courtyard / garden. Each floor of the house has a different destination and the basement has been chosen to locate kitchen and dining room. It was necessary to create a green space that was partly paved in order to have lunch outdoors and receive friends. The theme was to resume the refined and slightly retro style of the interior. The project has privileged the view that we had on the garden from the dining room, underlining the feeling of continuity between the two spaces. The walls were made of the same old bricks (which were also used to cover the boundary walls), in order to raise the level of the green and to give the impression, stopping outdoors, of being surrounded by vegetation. The plants were planted along the walls at the edge of the space to increase the sense of largeness. At the center, the paved area, following the irregular pattern of the wall, creates a sort of central axis that leads to the bottom of the iron gazebo.


Project details

Place Milano - IT
Year 2001
Sup. m² 100
Phase project / A.D.
Photo © Aurora Di Girolamo