Environmental Mitigation of an Industrial Area

The landscape insertion of the Schieppe plant poses a series of questions regarding the ability of a site with rural and natural vocations to absorb the invasive values ​​of large-scale industrial products. The photosimulations highlight a very clear picture of the improvements that can be achieved with a series of coordinated operations. The mitigation intervention is extended to the whole area and establishes important links with the landscape. The project develops the theme of “how” to make the landscape, showing that the actions that have a correct relationship with the history and the context of the territory can reach inexpected results from the point of view of the landscape sensibility, a theme still unknown in the area. This sensitivity is necessary to conserve existing resources and enhance the potential of a ever-changing territory.


Project details

Place Orciano di Pesaro (PU) - IT
Year 2007
Sup. m² 95.000