Bristol Grand Hotel

The new Hotel Bristol Garden has now a new design, which combines the outside dimension with the inside one, and ties together the different areas, in order to create many small gardens that define different functions. Even the most minute space was made with preciseness. The Hotel is part of the Zacchera Hotels brand; it is a building with 250 rooms and is located on the western shore of Lake Maggiore. The garden is one of the most valued resources; It contains the pool and all the parts which insist on the box cover. The absence of a uniform plan, the increasing demand for spaces for events outside, the little relation to the character of the hotel were some of the main reasons that prompted the commission to seek a different solution. Now the garden and common spaces are widely used by hotel guests, both individually and for coffee breaks, theme nights, receptions, banquets and buffets.


Project details

Place Stresa (VB) - IT
Year 2007
Client Zacchera Hotels
Phase project / A.D.
Photo © Dario Fusaro