La Forgiatura

The transformation into offices and laboratories of a forge building, a large industrial plant where cannons and turbines were melted until the end of the twentieth century. Just the vegetation – in contrast with the gigantic metal structures of the existing buildings, largely preserved – had to represent the lightness and symbolic presence of nature, as an element that is able to express the new life of this place; a suggestive and scenographic presence that is offered to the view of the new work environments in the form of green plant roofs, lush patios, warehouses, auditoriums, garages and underground connections covered by greenery. A multiplicity of green leathers in the form of lawns, hanging gardens, staircases of vegetation made with the most sophisticated techniques to allow plants to develop well in contact with the built. A pilot project that has made the “new forging” a very special place where different ideas meet:  harmony and pleasure, past and future, modern architecture and industrial archeology, functional needs and ecological principles.


Project Details

Luogo Milano - IT
Anno 2007-2012
Fase project / A.D.
Landscape Design AG&P greenscape
Architecture Milano Layout - Giuseppe Tortato
Photo © Valerio Cozzi
Client Real Step Srl


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