Resewing Environmental Networks

In line with the ministerial requirements, in 2008 a project was drawn up to define the environmental measures for the mitigation and integration of the new Bordolano gas storage plant (CR). This work integrates the mitigation project by relating the proposal for the creation of an environmental network to the territorial scale on an area of approx 4 Kmq outside the gas storage plant. At the beginning of the network there is the restoration of the vegetal linear elements, once strongly persistent in the local landscape. The restoration will contrast with the current depletion of agrosystems, bringing new benefits to the increase of biodiversity, the restoration of agrarian characteristics and the aesthetic and landscape enhancement of the whole area. Another great benefit would come from the completion on a territorial scale of the gas storage plan’s intervention of mitigation, which would be integrated into the support of the environmental network.


Project details

Place Bordolano (CR) - IT
Year 2008 - 2011
Sup. m² 170.000
Phase project / A.D.