An ex-Factory conquered by Nature

Once it was a workplace, now a valuable residence, not far from the center of Milan. The project develops a sober character, leaving out the exuberance of the vegetation. A way to defend the identity of the place and a part of its most recent history. A small project, made significant by the collaboration between the designers, who proposed to keep unified a fragmented space between the properties and the uses.

The garden space is the central area and must guarantee access to all housing units.

The project assigns a winning role to nature, as a human friend. The flooring is complementary to the vegetation: a common thread between ancient and modern, between common space and home. The vegetation never gives the impression of being too intrusive: it approaches the houses, leaving the trace of old passages.


Project details

Place Milano - IT
Year 2009-2011
Sup. m² 770
Phase project / A.D.
Landscape Design AG&P greenscape
Architecture DFA partners
Photo © Aurora Di Girolamo