Paolo Palmulli

Architect and Urban Landscape Specialist

With a degree in architecture from the Politecnico of Milan and an AIAPP member, he is General Manager and partner of the AG&P greenscape Studio with Emanuele Bortolotti. His focus is on landscape design, primarily in public spaces, overseeing the design process and its implementation in Italy and internationally. Some of his recent projects include: the masterplan of the new Segrate Park centre, the Waterfront of Levante in Genoa with Renzo Piano and OBR, the BAM park in Porta Nuova in Milan, CityWave for the BIG studio in Milan CityLife and the Diagonal Park in Milano Bicocca. He co-authored “Paesaggio diffuso: l’esperienza di un nuovo quartiere a Segrate” [Diffuse landscape: the experience of the new district in Segrate] published by Electa. He has contributed articles for numerous specialist magazines and collaborates with the Faculty of Architecture of the Politecnico of Milan, supplementing Urban Design Laboratories/Workshop and the International Urban Design Course.