AG&P greenscape works in the sphere of landscape architecture, understood as the discipline that is concerned with the design of spaces, indoors or out, on different scales and taking a multidisciplinary approach, treating the environment as an organic system made up of built spaces and open spaces, nature and infrastructure, architecture and engineering, art and experimentation.

Our services explore the project on the scales of the master plan, of public space and of garden design, through a planning process subdivided into phases integrated with one another and consolidated by the experience we have gained over the years.


Landscape Analysis

Feasibility studies

Strategic analysis

Swot analysis

Due diligence

Photogrammetric surveys with drone, photographic, external spaces and acoustic

Agronomic, botanical and forestry analysis

Geological and pedological analysis

Phytosanitary analysis

Urban planning analysis

Engineering and Plant Analysis

Environmental checks for the authorization of plans and projects



Concept design

Preliminary and definitive planning

Executive and constructive design

Detail projects

Landscape Design with BIM method

Technical and descriptive reports

Landscape report

Illustrations and photosimulations

Render and 3D modeling

Presentation videos

Preparation of promotional material


Supervision of Works

Artistic direction

Local architect

Check of the execution of the works

Check of the accounting of the works

Check of the construction site documentation

Assistance to the RUP

Assistance in works test

Certificate of regular execution

AG&P greenscape works following the guidelines of the RIBA Plan of Work 2020, an international quality standard designed by the Royal Institute of British Architects to organise the development of landscape projects from the initial strategy to the final implementation.